do you know…

what this is?  If so, tell me about it and what it brings to mind for you.

I’ve been wanting to work on the deer drawing, but my unresurrected laptop is still on the to-do list for my data base administrator.  I can not even begin to plumb the depths of how to get files off of a machine with no working video driver.

So, instead, I’ve been stitching up a little something from a vintage patten and making my own changes.  He’s only half finished and, as such, does not wish to show himself yet.  (He still needs stuffing.)

I also have a house that has been trying to get me to make it.  It’s been dancing around in my head all week.  I’ve finally given in and cut it out (this one is of paper) but it will take me a while to “decorate” it.  In it’s place, I’ll show you a building that inspires me.  La Fabrica is a series of buildings that have been transformed from a cement factory to a home and architectural firm’s headquarters.



Architecture is quite a part of my work as a fine artist.  It is often a reference point for me and I also draw on the years of architectural drafting studies that I did in college for the patterning on my animals and other surfaces.  This particular building speaks to me because it is an abandoned, environmentally abusive place that has been reclaimed.  I admit, I’m a hopeless romantic for reclaiming all kinds of things.  The downside of reclaimation is my hording habit, the upside are houses that I’ve helped reclaim from drug ridden neighborhoods.  I see every empty big box store as an opportunity for a new forrest!



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Rapunzel, Rapunzel…

No, I’m not locked in a tower, though sometimes I wish I could just lock the door when I’m drawing.  I usually burn the midnight oil to do my artwork around here. (Yes, the time on those posts is real, it’s late.)  However, this piece was not done too late…

I was intrigued by my cousin’s work on miniature dolls and asked her a few questions about sizing.  She helped me with it and I decided to create a fairy tale bedroom set.  To start, I picked Rapunzel and began researching the garden ideas.  Most stories refer to Rapunzel’s craving for lettuce, Rampion, or “Campanule raiponce” (Latin) to be exact.  So I created fabric by painting a page full of them and printing it on printer fabric.  Then I made a pair of miniature pillows with the fabric.

I was pretty happy with the way they turned out, so I decided to make pillowcases for them.  I printed out some fabric with a flower I thought was German-garden worthy, a purple bearded iris.  I then began on a quilt.  It took me a while to figure out how I was going to have Rapunzel’s hair coming out the window, but I used an applique stitch and it worked just fine.

For the drawing of the tower and garden, I used a technique called pointillism. You’ll probably recall Georges Seurat’s work using this technique.  (However, I did not use his color control, placing specific colors next to each other to create “natural light” in his paintings.) Even so, it took quite a while to complete the artwork for the front of the quilt.  When the hair arrived from a doll shop, I braided it to fall out of the candlelit window.  I’m not sure what to charge for this piece (pricing, the bane of artist’s existence.)  When I do, I’ll list it on Etsy for you as it is finished.  I also ordered a bed to display it on, but it was broken in the mail so we’ll both just have to wait while the wood glue dries before the whole picture can be put together.




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I went to a benefit brunch for Baby Blues a few weekends ago and they had the most scrumptious spread.  The caterer was in a giving mood too and donated these petit fours and mini cheesecakes.  I restrained myself and only had one mini cheesecake and my favorite Tazo tea.  If you are dying for an excellent cheescake recipe, my friend Aaron is a chef who loves to make flavored cheesecakes.  He can send you one or I can get a recipe for you. Let me know if you would like me to post one.

I found a new project to work on.  (That is, it’s been in my head for forever, but I started on it today.)  I’m making a sample model for myself first, so it won’t be ready to see here for a little while.

The deer is still a work in progress too, as my laptop held the picture that was going to be her background.  My laptop screen bit the dust, but my new machine is enroute.  I just *hope* that I’ll be able to recover what is on that dear little box…


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Dear Deer


I found my little deer drawing, on my favorite day, Thursday, naturally.  I will start working on her background this week.

I’ve watched two movies about determination lately, Rudy most recently and Cinderella Man a few weeks ago.  I don’t care for either football or boxing, so it was delicious to see both directors rise above their focus on a respective sport, to their applicable life lesson. I so appreciate it when people are able to reach outside their own circle of knowledge and tie into where others are at an empathetic level.

I’m in the middle of the Phantom of the Opera right now, (read EMPATHY) but I’m more delighted with the sparkling colors… and intriguing questions such as “Where did Christine Daae find such lovely stars for her hair on the opening night of La Carlota?”  Ah, I know, such depth to my questioning…

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