Your favorite animal

I’m not very good at paying attention to my plants, or toasted bread in the oven.  I lightly blackened TWO batches today, but I’m trying to be better.  I’m very good at soaking the soil for a long time so that the roots grow deep.  (Read between the lines here.  I abandon my plants for days on end and then drown them.)

I’m afraid that I’m killing my tomatoes too.  We haven’t taken the time to dig up our garden spot for this year yet, so the poor tomatoes are root bound.  I know, you are saying “it’s July, tomatoes should have gone in after the last frost.”

Um, yeah.  So I bought wine barrels to put them in while I’m waiting.  However, I don’t think that’s such a good idea any more.  The wine barrels retain the water (go figure) and the roots want to be well drained between waterings…

On the bright side, I’m better at my artwork than my planting.  (It doesn’t need as much constant care after it’s created.)




Do you remember my post a little while ago, asking about your favorite animal?  If you have a favorite photo or just know which one it is, I can create a personalized stationary for you.  I’ll draw the animal with the patterns I use, with three of your favorite colors and incorporate your name into the artwork.


You’ll get the artwork in a file that you can print out and use as many times as you wish.  The price for the artwork will run $45 for artwork with a heading; $65 for heading, side bars and bottom of the page.  If you would also like envelope artwork it will run to a total of $85. You can email me from this blog or post a comment saying that you’d like to hear from me about this.

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4th Eve

It’s the eve of “America’s” independence and I’m scrubbing the house for the Dutch invasion.  All of “rabbit’s friends and relations” were going to Pooh’s party and all of mine are coming to “Deer Haven”.  It will become a mini outpost for tea three times a day (I thought we’d thrown it all in the harbor…) and very very clean house.   This will allow me to sneak off and make some art in my studio while everyone else is sneaking around cleaning out my kitchen drawers.

I’ve been gathering photos for a Dutch themed book to make with . One of my girlfriends made one and it turned out so nice and on heavy stock paper, so I thought I’d try my hand at it too.

There were three deer eating off of my apple trees tonight in the orchard.  My trees are big enough to handle it so I wasn’t too worried.  (We ended up throwing away three big bags of apples last year as I wasn’t able to keep up with all the peeling.)  Of course, they left before I had the chance to snap

their photos or you would have seen them here.

However, I did catch a few photos of a “baby” the other day.  I think he’s the one we call Plum because he likes our plums so much.  (His mother is Apple, I’m sure you can guess why.)

I hope you are enjoying your summer, your company, and your travel.

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