Food and loud noises

I was thinking about what to put on the little ribbon loops for the gift bags I’m designing for BOYS.  What would come to mind but volcanos, car crashes, supermen jumping off the couch, dogs, and ice cream?  With this compilation in hand, I decided to start with the comic book style KA-POW symbol.  I’m sure that you can help me come up with other things that make little boy’s hearts beat faster…

I also thought you might enjoy my photos from peach picking this weekend.  The tunnel shot is on your way out “the Sunset”, Hwy 26.




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My Black Gold


This is my favorite time of year.  Blackberries are ripe.  Summery sun gives me a once a year tan.  My munchkins rarely show up at the door, with the fruit outside staving off any hunger pains.  They plunge into fort construction, I into drawing, painting, sewing, baking, decorating…


Two lucky people saw my note about responding to the b-day post and will be the proud new owners of my new eco gift bags!  I’ve always cringed at buying wrapping paper that would be used for a total of 20 minutes and then annihilated.  So!  I’ve decided to start using these lovely little sacks!  They are washable and reusable.  (Of course, they may become reusable somewhere else in your house with my original artwork on them…)  They also have two little ribbon rings to add charms, keys, or mini presents to the bag itself.  They are fully lined and reversible.  (This one for Patty has a daisy print inside.)  the one for Lewis is brown check with this stripy print on the inside.  Happy wrapping (or hoarding…)

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Sweet Thursday

The Dutch have swept through the house (literally) and it’s clean as a whistle.  It’s so clean, I think can work on other things for a good six months before doing it again!

Yesterday I got a note from my cousin Kristi about a teddy bear day she’s hosting at her shop in Glendale.

Our Teddy decided that he needed a backpack to celebrate the day in his honor, so I whipped one up.

Also, my birthday has fallen on my favorite day this year, so I’m also offering to make a little something for you!  If you send me a note with the word “Birthday” in the subject line, I’ll send you a sweet surprise.

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