Just another week

The littlest munchkin was perusing my cookbook and latched upon this recipe this week.  So we made it and though it was declared “too dark”, referring to the chocolate, there was not a crumb left upon the plate.  Two of the neighbors relieved me of the extra calories in their slices, thankfully, and declared it neither too dark, nor too rich for them!  It’s a riff off of the recipe found here.  (We substituted sugar and a little water for the corn syrup, added a bit of orange juice to the berry sauce.)

Of course, things can’t get too fancy around here, so we had to grow the test-tube dinosaurs from a birthday party on the windowsill.

I’ve finished a little suitcase, twice the size of the first set.  I think it came out just perfect, and I hope Sara does too!

It’s a surprise present for someone who will be going away for a birthday trip.  The listing and photos will go up next week and I’ll post a link to them in next Thursday’s entry so you can see them.

Lastly, I’ve nearly finished the Valentines I need to give out.  Do I need to make one for someone you know?

Send me their info and I’ll send it to them…(or I can send it to you if you’d rather give it out…)



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My girlfriend Amy has been bugging me to put up a new photo of myself.  She thinks I’m not smiling enough.  Here is a shot I took recently, playing around with the camera.  Can you tell that it’s winter light coming in that window?  (No chance of getting a sunburn off of that!)

I also got an email from one of my very favorite clothing companies,

Oilily, about their new European e-store, though it doesn’t look like they have an e-store in the US yet.  What caught my eye even more was their design contest.  I’ve entered before, but as I read this one so late in the game, I’ve just made up things for you instead.  They inspired these

little mini’s below.  I’ll be adding them to a pocket of some new project, but I haven’t figured out which one yet.  Don’t forget about the little Valentines you can get (for free) to send to friends!  I’ll need their info by the first of February to make sure that I’ve enough in stock for you.




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Secret Valentine

I hate it when holidays showcased in the retail shops follow on the heels of one another without taking a moment to come up for air.  However, I need your help with a little project.

Recall the days when you’ve had butterflies in your tummy, knowing that someone was thinking of you.  It put you in a different frame of mind, turned grey days pink, made you see green blades of grass growing through the cracks in the asphalt.  I want you to think of people in your life who could be seeing misty fog this Valentines Day.  In my life, I can think of several widows, girlfriends whose husbands went AWOL, a boy who can’t find his girl.  I’m making some special Valentines for them, and some for people in your life too.  I’m asking that you do a little sneeking around and send me some addresses of people who need Valentines this year.  They will get a rosy mini package from Rosemoor and their “Secret Admirer” (you.)  Make someone who needs a hug more than you, feel loved.


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Red’s Cheer

I am shifting your views from white to red this week.  I draped these little apples over the chandelier in the “woonkamer” (living room in Dutch) at Christmas and they just look so festive that I think I’ll leave them there through February.  (I think you should do it at your place too.)

I also found this cool red and pink soft fuzzy fabric and whipped up a

pillowcase.  I do have to say that it was worth it for the coolness factor, but a royal pain to sew.  It’s thick and puffy and slides around terribly while you are working on it.

Here’s the closeup shot too.  I think it would make an awesome background for a scrap booking paper or book cover. The last photo is of a still life I had

in my shelves over the holidays.  It was so simple, but cheery.



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A New Year

I’m making my own weekly planner.  I use the Groove calender for the on-line syncing of my life with dh. For my own thoughts, I’ve found that I like a physical planner.  I’m trying to pull everything together into one little book.  I’ve got my artwork, my munchkin’s artwork, my teaching schedules, cleaning schedules (at least I’m trying...), pages for writing inspiration, drawing inspiration, sports schedules, quotes, thoughts, birthdays, breaks,and everything in-between.

There is so much more to life though.  So much happens between the lines, instead of the scheduled projects, in spite of the best intentions, and for our own good.

“For our own good” the phrase that means growing up, if we are willing.  I have to decide to make myself willing to do the growing up. Not the “getting old and thinking stiff” kind of growing up, but rather the “making people around me more joyful” kind of growing up.  Do you have to decide that as well?  Are you willing to do that too?  I have friends who are, friends who aren’t, and friends who would love to see me grow even more.  I hope you have friends who want you to grow up too.

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