Big Week

Sometimes I don’t realize what a big week it’s been until I review the pictures in my camera.  I had to laugh quite a bit, some at me, some at my family.

Paola’s mother sent me a little pair of slippers.  These are fairy slippers, mind you, so delicately done that they immediately enchanted me.  A fairy must fit in these! my mind exclaimed.  I drew out a pattern, made a large model to see how the shapes fit together, and then reduced the pieces.  I began hand sewing fairy stitches, ity bitty, one after the other.  It’s now all stitched up, ready to assemble. However,I began to realize the torment I was preparing for myself when I thought about turning the hand inside out.  As I began, I nearly felt like I was giving birth to this little creature!  I had to stop and laugh out loud at myself.  What had I done?  However, she will be all enchanting when you see her next, don’t worry.  (Look at your keyboard and you’ll realize just how small she’ll be.)

The oldest munchkin and I thought it was VERY funny that the youngest munchkin signed his artwork this week.

Do you sign your artwork when you create


Lastly, somebody in our home decided to burn the clippings from our orchard.  They made a huge bonfire, and was lovely and warm. It burned down to ashes and he was pleased with his work.  Naturally, his friend informed him the next day that he’d burned on a no burn day, and his “clippings” were three times the size that they should have been for a normal burn.

One of Rosemoor’s readers revealed his newest temptation shop in New York.  It’s here.  (Click on her podcasts at the bottom of the page and then find the “Tender Flakey Scones video.)

Smallest munchkin watched the video and worked hard to redeem himself by making these Orange Scented Scones almost all by himself. They were wonderful.


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Portland Bakeries

I think it’s only right to start a review of Portland bakeries with those close to the heart of downtown Portland.  If you know Portland well, you know that the real heart of Portland pumps coffee and ink.  The Left aorta is Powell’s bookstore.  There is a coffee shop in Powells, but to get the real deal for a bakery, dh says you must bake bread.  The closest bread bakery is right behind Powell’s Technical Bookstore, just up the street in the Pearl district.

Pearl Bakery carries my favorite drink, San Pellegrino lime or Limonata, fresh local organic orange juice, and makes any kind of coffee or espresso drink you like.  They also make a good chai.

Dh ordered the ham sandwich, croissant and o.j. , I ordered the turkey and a few pastries to go.  They were all fresh and scrumptious.  I would like to see a fresh tomato on my sandwich though.  I think it had sundried tomatoes with olive oil, which was good, but I love a homegrown tomato.

The apple cranberry tart was amazing to me, but dh said it had too much bite.  He likes his apples sweet, I like a counterpoint.  We both enjoyed the croissant, but then, who can resist a flakey, fresh baked croissant?!  (He said I would need to get my own next time.)  See the chocolate brownie in the last photo? I didn’t eat it until later.  I actually did a horrible thing and left it in the oven too long at home while rewarming it.  (I was aghast!  Heart broken! Burn chocolate?!!)

Are you hungry yet?









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a little bitta love

On Tuesday, Safeway was out of my milk.  Fred Meyer was also out of my milk.  What do you know? Albertsons didn’t have it either.  My dh drove 20 miles to find my particular version of dairy products, and when he couldn’t find it anywhere, he decided that chocolate was better than coming home empty handed.  That’s what I call romantic.  So here’s to you, darling!

To the right is a little crafty item I whipped up for a baby shower I co-hosted this week.  It’s really easy and turns out cute. I’ve added the youtube link.  I’m sure all you guys out there are going to run out and buy a pack of diapers now.  Woo Hoo! Go for it!

With Valentines this weekend I thought I’d throw out an idea.  If you wish to have someone else think about romance for you, I found this little book to be perfect.  You just pick a number, read the suggestion and modify it to your situation. We used it quite a bit as newlyweds.

I’ll have another Portland restaurant review for you after this weekend.  We made reservations at a French place, Fenouil, new to us.  I hope it isn’t too French, at least not as French as my French cookbook.  If it is, I will be waddling out of there, my arteries coated with butter.

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Snow deer

Almost all of the snow is gone here, but it doesn’t look like it in this photo.  However, this is not a snow sculpture, but the fluffy base for a fabric sculpture I’m working on.  If you look closely, you’ll see that his legs look like Frankendeer, as I used up all the scraps when sewing them on.

I start teaching a new spring term today, I’m having them do a pastiche (learning copy) of David Cox’ The Night Train for their first watercolor.

I have the little suitcase all done and posted on etsy in case you need one like it. Best of all, I have the Valentines done and ready to go.

Don’t they look sweet?



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