Fairy and the Princess

Cinderella lost her slipper, but I’ve lost a foot.

The base pattern for the fairy is finished.  However, she can’t wear them yet due to my inability to find her leg.  I had it in my hands right before we were due to have company. (Bad move) I must have “tucked it away” in my last minute cleaning frenzy.

The large doll is my first version.  Toes (not shown) were drawn first to match the shape of the slipper and the rest of the doll followed. As you can see, she began quite large.  After reducing the pattern, the small one could be made.

We’ve been watching Amazing Grace and it made me think of the Gothic cathedrals in Yorkshire.  I had a Cannon SLR when we were there and all of my photos are film.  However, when we were in the Netherlands last year I shot several similar churches.

Once a year there is a group that my dh travels to Mexico with.  They go to build homes for families who own land but are living in substandard conditions.  This year an art auction has been arranged to raise funds for their travel and supplies.  I’ve started work on a piece

that I was asked to donate for the show.

Many years ago I ran across little “play houses” in our neighborhood, made by children.  We were living in a rough part of town and the houses were very unique.  Each set of children had fashioned their structure with whatever they found laying around.  I started taking pictures of these make believe homes, as they caught my fancy.  Years later,the photos of the homes in Mexico reminded me of those children’s dreams.  They are made with the same determination, audacity, hope, and materials.  However, the dependence on these homes for survival instead of play makes them sad in our eyes.  I hope that our work with the Mexican families helps to reinforce their dreaming.




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I’m officially up late enough to post on the first day of spring.  Okay, maybe you think I’m cheating, but I’ve been soooo longing for spring this year. (Have you not noticed?!)  On the first springish day of my last year of college I completely recovered my whole apartment with white cotton.  My roommates were surprised, but cheered up as well to see all the refreshed surfaces.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  My favorite decor shop in the whole wide world is Willow’s Nest.  However, it moved to TEXAS about a year ago, so I can’t go there any more.  I now get to enviously view their website and dream of traveling…

People have been asking me whether I’m going anywhere for a spring break.  We took an extra long breathing spell at

Christmas, so I’m not sure if we are quite ready for another break around here yet.  However,

once the blossoms start in the fields, I’m going to feel like I must prepare my garden spaces, come what may with book learning.  I’m also eyeing the old “dog house” that came with Deer Haven.  It looks more like a little house to me.  The munchkins have explored it an declared it “unfit for human habitation” due to the number of creepy crawlies living there.  I’m wondering whether it needs to be moved up on blocks or something of the like to air it out.  What would you do with this?



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Beautiful Days

There are days when I roll out of bed like a drill sargent.

I hit the wall at the end of the day and wonder… where was the beauty in this day?  It’s not easy for me to pause. I need to though.  When I decide to make the day beautiful, it becomes so.  When I pull out my “pretty things” and use them, think ahead to speak my thanks or appreciation to those I love (and don’t love!), or take a few more moments to do something well instead of “just getting it done”, I’m more at peace.

Last weekend I visited a friend who has moved away.  She’d invited a group of her girlfriends to spend a special evening together.  She took the time to pull out her china and the good towels, choose movies and a menu.  She wrote notes to each of us and took time to make sure we each were taken care of.  She created a Beautiful Day.



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Hoping for Spring Cheer

I keep hoping for spring here in the chilly Pacific Northwest.  Today I wore my smocked cotton chocolate brown skirt and dark umber linen jacket.   Then hid them under my wool coat.  I need cheerfulness, so here’s another pocket full of color for us all.

I found this cheerful image Tuesday on the back patio.  Wouldn’t you be cheered by it?

On the subject of food, or what some people call food, I have here “Bunny Bologna”.  At least, that’s what we called it when we saw it in the Netherlands.  The butcher shops carry it around Easter time.  WE thought it looked disgusting, but then, some people actually EAT bologna…

Munchkin was wishing to paint a watercolor yesterday, and asked me to sketch something for a painting.  I consented, naturally thinking a little dog, a house, a tree with a swing.  But munchkin had bigger plans. Better plans. Turning to page 102 of a manga book, I was shown in full glory what I was to sketch.

I decided to give you a copy so you could color it too.  (Your printout will be a little sketchy as I wanted to reduce the file size here. Click on the image to go to the larger version.  Then right click to see the copy/paste option.  Copy the image to your clipboardand then paste it into a drawing or word processing program to print it out.)  I’d love to see the colors you pick…

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