Cookbook template

Ever since I started cooking at age 13, I’ve been working on recipes.  We were on a tight budget growing up, but if my sister or I made a list, dad would buy the ingredients.  I learned young that the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach.  My daddy would indulge any spice request, specific cheese, or Italian noodle, as long as it was to hit his plate that night.

After I married and was cooking every night (yes it works that way in my house), I began amassing my recipes into a notebook.

Dh helped me think of the Dewey decimal system when creating the page numbers, so I can add recipes forever.  I’ve created a Microsoft publisher version of the template I use and have uploaded it to Microsoft Office’s website, just for you! Here it is: Angel’s cookbook template. (Make certain that your search is unfiltered, located on the lefthand side of the page under Community Filter.)

I also looked for some other template options and found this one at HP.  I even found some book publishers for your creations.  I like being able to add, edit, and reprint at will, so I won’t be going the hardback direction any time soon for my cookbook, but in case you’re enchanted with that notion, I’ve included that link as well.  Lastly, if you want a template and don’t like mine (or don’t have Publisher or Office) there is this one.

By the way, this photo is of the largest piece of meat I have ever had in my kitchen.  We purchased beef from a friend who had raised it.  It took us forever to eat it as we really don’t eat that much red meat around here.

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We’re getting lots of rain, even thundershowers, this spring.  I’m still not used to the weather being so different on the hilltop when our old house is only 20 minutes away.  The lightning flashed, the deep thunder rumbled, right over our heads on Tuesday.  I baked in response.

The ground is still wet every morning as I go out to the garden to adjust the sprinkler.  It surprises me, though I don’t know why.  It’s cool on my feet while the sun on my shoulders is warm, with wind whistling steadily around the corner of the house.  By the end of the day the black tiles on the porch have absorbed enough rays to keep my feet warm while the sun sinks behind the pines.

Indoors, I’ve been thinking about the library, and why no one sits there for very long.  We have two twin mattresses stacked along the wall, covered with pillows.  They are simply impostors, trying hard to look like a comfortable daybed.  I’ve begun sketching a frame to hold them, like a couch.  I’d also love to try my hand at creating a custom fabric to cover it from Spoonflower.  Of course, there could be so many things to make with my own fabric….


Custom is something dear to my heart, naturally, and so are photos.  I’ve been working on a book at My Publisher, but it takes so long for me to curate photos, it may be years before I actually publish it!  I’m sure everyone is much faster than me… However, I do find the oddest vignettes in my home.  This was on the floor last week in the kitchen.

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Grand Experiment

My mother was away this Mother’s Day, so I had the day with the munchkins and DH.  They agreed to begin the deer/garden experiment with me.  My current hypothesis, based on the fact that deer do not enjoy confined spaces, is that they will not jump the fence into my mini-garden.  However, I do know that the heighth of my fence is no threat.  They’ve cleared 7 foot fences to enjoy my father’s orchards.

We dug with a will until we’d pulled up all the thick sod.  I proudly sport a blister on my right hand. (It’s getting me out of dishes while the machine is broken.)

The munchkins worked so hard!  They talked of tomatoes, strawberries, fresh lettuces, bell peppers, and corn.  I reminded them that the plot wasn’t all that big this year.

They gave me a lovely wallet, all covered in elephants.  I had found it on etsy and hinted, but didn’t know whether they’d follow through.  It shipped from Italy and still arrived on time.  It’s even lovelier than I thought it would be.  The stitching is impecable, the snaps are strong, and it has SOOO many pockets!  You can get one too from



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Work and Peace

April showers bring May flowers, as the saying goes.  The wind has been blustery all week and I’ve been concerned about the pollination of the apple trees.  However, when I walked down to observe during a brief sunny spell, the bees were hard at work.  I even managed to get this fuzzy shot of one at work while the wind was whipping around the orchard.

We saw the Ghandi movie a few weeks ago and then I went with some friends to see Desmond Tutu who was in town speaking at the University of Portland on Monday.  It made me think, once again, about peace, freedom, love, and what it takes to be at one with those qualities.

I love finding interesting animals to inspire my new art pieces.  Here’s one I found recently, just up the road, but the other direction from where I usually travel.  He was so inquisitive, he turned around and checked me out for a while.  I think he was eyeing my camera.


We picked out new piano music for the munchkins to learn at Beacock’s Music this week.  Some of the munchkins were enjoying the drums (hooked to headsets thankfully) a little too much.

I’m afraid they’re looking at raiding their piggy banks for a big noisy set.  I’ll buy headphones!

The music we picked out for piano was the score from the new version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  We’ve been searching all over youtube to find an easy fingering to watch before starting the laborous process of transcribing the notes on the score.  (We can read music around here, but not as well as we’d like…)



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BB Winner

Birthday season will continue around Deer Haven until the end of June, but the “Best Birthday Contest” has a winner!  Two of Rosemoor’s Readers will get a Deer Haven pillowcase!

Patty enchanted me with the thought of flying to Paris or even staying home and enjoying a good book, chocolate, and berries.

Sara shared a trip she’d already had with her dh on a past dream birthday.  It reminded me of one I’d been spoiled with.  My dh flew me up to the Space Needle Restaurant in Seattle for one evening.  We were back home before the babysitter had to go to bed.

I have two fun sites for you to visit!  One is the Furniture Fair in Milan that is taking place this week. I ran across it while trying to decide what to do with a space in my basement.  I recalled loving looking through the Fair last year and really finding some unique things.  Here’s one that I

liked from this year. It’s produced by Magis, designed by Javier Mariscal.  I have to say that I am always enchanted by good furniture that is made for children.  I like things that are miniature and magically playful, so this fits the bill for me.

The second site I have for you is the (Semi) Affordable Art Fair in NYC.  (I’m not vouching for all of the “art” represented, but there are certain pieces I do like.)  I don’t live close enough, but some of the artists are represented by UGallery online.  You can choose the “Under $100” catagory if you are needing just a little something and are not in NYC this week. 

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