Twice a year we escape to downtown without the munchkins in tow. We eat, read books, shop, see a show, sleep, and hopefully start over.  Here are some highlights from our escapades.



We brought the blackberries to match with the croissants from Villaggio. Wonderful late night salad at Pazzo’s. Fresh orange juice at Lucy’s Table.



and read


(I do understand that this isn’t the typical vacation reading for most people…)

Shop (window and otherwise).


Window shopping at Coco and Toulouse as they are never open when I’m there. Beautiful fabrics from a cute new shop near me called Aunt Tam’s. I’ll have more photos from them later for you. Also, the elusive anthropologie.

Show. Julie and Julia. Recommended for adults. Lovely.


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Fair well and Farewell


We surprised the munchkins with a trip to the county fair on it’s last day this weekend.  They carefully counted out their alloted share of the ride tickets and I happily sought out all the bright colors.  So much of the year it’s lush and green here, but not hot with a clear sky.  If I wanted some cheer in my pocket for the darker days, I knew I’d have to store some away.

I happened across the praying mantis on my way out of a friend’s funeral.  If you want to know a bit about her, Patty wrote a very nice piece. Mark Will’s song “Don’t laugh at me” was very appropriately sung at her funeral.

I try to take animal photos often, as I use my own photography as much as possible in my drawings.  This photo is also a good shot of the personality of this dog.  I think he’s really a Labrador  stuck in a German Shepherd’s body.

He is mild mannered, loves kids, and is not psychotically possessive of his owners or their property.  He just wants to be played with. (Notice the two toys at his feet.)

Your presents are almost done.  They’ve all been stitched up and are awaiting a special touch.

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Birthday Wishes

This is the last day to wish me a happy birthday and get a treat.  I’ve been stitching them up and I must say they are very cute and even useful. (I’m keeping one myself.) If you have a friend, I’d mention this blog before the end

of today…

I’d been to the Sharpie website, searching for more colors about a year ago.  I saw them, but there was no way to order them directly on-line. What a lovely surprise to see them at Wal-mart today, while I was picking up dirt cheap school supplies. Apparently, I don’t shop at Wal-mart very often as I was completely surprised that they’d removed their sewing section. Months ago. (I missed a fabric clearance sale?!)

I showed you some shots of Jenna’s wedding shower last week and I have some of the wedding this week. It was lovely with the same “beach colors” theme.



My cousin Cheri is due next month and thinks my blog is beautiful, except that I post photos that make her hungry.  My apologies, but you’ll wish for some of these “steak frites”.  Here’s a link to a New York Times article on where to find the best steak frites in Paris.

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Your Birthday Present

My birthday is next Friday, the 14th.  That means that I get to party and you get to open presents!  Some of the past presents include the bag to the left and the item listed on my blog here.  They are surprises, as I like most things to be a surprise, so email me with your mailing address before my birthday if you want a package to arrive at your house!

In case you didn’t get the email, my cookbook template is now accessible on Microsoft’s template page.  It is fully editable for you to add all of your lovely recipes and family history.  It also has my lovely elephants marching around the border.  (Hurrah!)

I made Italian sodas for Jenna’s shower last week, but Meredith took the cake for decorating the room.  Jenna’s wedding decor theme is tropical, and the party room was bamboo and lime green.




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