On a jet plane…

By the time you all read this, I will be flying to see my sister’s new little munchkin in Florida.  I leave at 6 am. Those of

you who know me well can laugh now.  I won’t be coherent until I hit Denver at 10 am.  That said, I thought I’d leave you with a few white Christmas photos. Everything but the tree is up around here, my promise to myself kept.  I knew I’d not enjoy Christmas at all if I still had anything to do by the time I got back home on the 17th. However, if you by chance are not yet finished, there are lovely white things at The White Company that I do like this year… (especially the stripey red and white children’s stockings and buckets.)

The Dutch celebrate Saint Nickolas’ birthday on the 5th and 6th of December, separately from Christmas.  He’s been here, as evidenced by the tiny pepernoten cookies under the shoes.  The shoes were filled with chocolate, but that’s long gone.  Below is the sheet music idea I wanted to share with you.  I have a lovely star that I got

at Willow’s Nest, made by Wendy Addison.  It’s sitting in our bookcase in the living room where I’ve used piano

sheet music to “wallpaper” the inside of the bookcase.  The paper has made it so bright and cheery that it will be a while before it comes down.

The last photo is what you get when you ask the munchkins to find something white to go under the wineglass domes.


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White Christmas (part 1)

Here come the White Christmas images, though I must admit that I’ve had to concede to including green this year.  It keeps sneaking in and looking right, so it will be there too.

The berries and rosemary are from the turkey brine I prepared for Thanksgiving.

I have a white table set up just for display in the living room for the month of December.  The munchkins are having fun building all white miniature castles on it this week.  We will be making a large white castle as well, if I can find a way to make white gingerbread. Have you thought of using piano sheet music for decor?  I’ll show you next week where I’ve put it up. (I love it!)

I have a terrible memory.  I can recall the color of the shirt my beloved was wearing on the night we first kissed; the milk drunk smile of my babies when they’d nursed; or the way my arms were crossed when I first walked through Deer Haven, unimpressed.  (It had no natural light, unthinkable for an artist!)  But I don’t remember when I’m supposed to pick up my children, be at the hairdresser, or how to get to my girlfriend’s house. (Yes, Patty, go ahead and laugh!)  Therefore, I make lists, and lists upon lists, including three to get me through the month of December.  The important one right now is the list of things I’m teaching my munchkins about focusing on others… so hard when there’s a wish list to compile!

Do you have a list that you are working on?


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