under the weather

I have to be a bit short and sweet tonight.  The munchkins are sharing the flu bug at Deer Haven right now.  Here’s what we used to cheer them up tonight.

Japanese cubee’s.  So far we’ve made Inigo Montoya and The FoxThe Little Prince has been downloaded for future construction.

One of the munchkins wanted to know where you could make your own font, so we found these sites:

Font Generator or Fontifier

This is one thing that I keep telling myself I’m going to create.  Both of these sites design a font in your very own handwriting.  (This is how to make it look like you always use your very best handwriting!)


This site allows you to download a simple editor to create any kind of font.

Word Editor:

This site explains how to access the font editor inside Microsoft Word.

If you like that kind of thing, I’d love to see the fonts you come up with…


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