Early Spring

The daffodil appeared under my window today.  The tiny purple and white Creeping Phlox are showing their faces under the cedars, and the ornamental plum burst into bloom just yesterday morning.  However, it hasn’t snowed here yet this year and all of this blooming has me nervous.  Nervous for my plum trees, nervous for my apple blossoms, and naturally, for the cherries…

To calm the nerves, I did what any wise gardener does.  I turned my head and dove into other winter pursuits.  It is still February in the pacific northwest, I reminded myself.

So, I shopped for paints for my art history class at Fabric Depot (only the most glorious fabric store in this half of the world). The munchkins, meanwhile, found some fabric that they must have for pillows in the library.  It matches the sunny yellow walls and of course, mother, it features a literary character. 

I also found some very lovely wool felt to make some small stuffies or some flowers.  I’ve been seeing some very cute stuffies lately.  Here is one link to a free pattern for a knit stuffy made by Ysolda. The picture isn’t working, but her .pdf link is and they are so cute.  Just scroll down to the bottom of her pattern page to the “download” button.

Below is another adorable stuffy, made by Cassie at Belladia.

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There’s only one sport that I consider a really beautiful one.  The fans clap politely, are silent while the players concentrate, and you begin at Love – Love.  You also have delightful fashion! Consider the ruffled skirt below.  It says “confection” to me, you’d have to have legs that looked like confection to wear it.

It’s made by Adidas and designed by Stella McCartney.   Hermes also has a fairytale white outfit with tea service.  (Darling doll house as well…)

I’m not quite certain how I’d have tea in this position, but a tree house would do.

Lacoste continues the fairytale theme by

making us dream about flying. I know that when I’m breaking a sweat playing tennis I don’t quite think I can fly, but these are lovely dreams.  Maybe if I were wearing a bracelet like this it would help.



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Love and chocolate (strawberries)

These are so easy to make, and so worth it.  I used one bar of good Dutch chocolate and one package of fresh ripe strawberries.

I melted the chocolate in a double boiler (you can use the microwave if you don’t have a double boiler.)  Then I washed and dried each one before rolling them in the melted chocolate.

Dh said he couldn’t tell whether they were really good after just one.  He had to try a second in order to really rate them.  By the third one, he was certain that they were good.

I commissioned one of the munchkins to draw something special just for you for Valentines this year. It’s a maze that you can solve!  You can click on the photo to view it larger. If you click on this link: Rose Maze, it will take you to one that you can print out.

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Cupcakes for winter

The rain is pouring, heavy drops hitting the skylights over the piano, in the dark.  It comes and goes as the clouds are blown this way and that across the hilltops at Deer Haven.  The porch light is shining through a glittery sphere of light it has created on the window’s droplets.

We watched Coraline this week, with it’s gray days.  Yes, it does get that gray in the Northwest, the inspiration for the film’s setting.  For a more in depth look at the concept art for the film you can go to illustrator Jon Klassen’s site.

What I recall with enchantment was the food in the film though!  Of course, that was the focus for Coraline, and they did a great job of making it inviting! The scene in my head tells me that there were pink cupcakes, but when searching for pictures from the film, I couldn’t find them.  So here are some cupcakes that are just as cheerful as the ones Coraline found enticing. The first is from baked and wired in D.C., the Lego ones that the munchkins were crazy about are from hello naomi out of Australia, and the third is the Periodic Table of Cupcakes, with a recipe for cupcakes.

I was drooling over the newest issue of Artful Blogging by Somerset Studios this evening.  Dh hinted that he might want to get a subscription to it for Valentines Day, if he had the information, so I purposely didn’t look at it.  However, when I looked at the website, you really don’t save much by getting a subscription.  I almost pouted, but it’s so beautiful, I feel more resigned than pouty.

I think I need to look at elephants from ekohdesign to cheer up.  You too? Ah yes, I feel better already!



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