Tiny art steps

As some of you may have been informed, this is basketball season for the small set. (If you don’t do the year round thing.) Personal confession: tennis is the only sport that ever interested me enough to play. Even at that, I was listed as the black sheep for defaulting a match because of blisters.

However, I married an athlete (charming) and am raising a brood of them (athletes all).  I find that when my own munchkins are playing, I can find fault with the referees from time to time.  I can also cheer loud enough to make the teen age girls in front of me turn around and see whose mom that was.  Therefore, I have taken to sewing at intense points in the games. Sewing? Yes, sewing. Here is the project from this week’s games.

This perky little guy kept his eye on me, but was much too interested in his lunch to move.  I thought I should show this other little guy (below) to you since he’s been showing up in my sketchbook all over the place.  I’m working on seeing what he looks like with different moods.

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