Each spring since I’ve been married, there’s been a blooming tree in our yard, no matter where we are living. Several years ago, one of my Japanese students mentioned that she was going to the cherry blossom festival and then I flew to D.C. the next year while the trees were in bloom there.  Of course, I couldn’t help but think of blossoms and friends elsewhere when the flowers appeared this year.  My student and her family are safe, but they ask for prayers for Japan.  Can you send one up?

I took several photos of these flowers last week, but I just wasn’t happy with them.  However, the light was just perfect when I approached them again a few days later.  This reminded me of a girl’s frilly dress.


I’ve been thinking white, white, white for my new house, but I’ve been seeing red everywhere.

Driving home today I contemplated the brevity of life, the state of nature and the pointlessness of fighting to improve the affairs of the physical world.  As the sun broke through the clouds and shown down the throughfare, it came to me clearly.  I am not to clean things up for me, nor really for “my children” but for the longer reach of people coming after me.  Who wants to be born into a world that, though they inhabit it for a mere 80 years this side of eternity, is sickly?  Things were put into perspective as I thought about people long before me and long after me, with myself only a single moment in time.

This doesn’t mean that I’m camping, establishing an environmental board, or gasp! doing anything political. What it means is that I think through choices that I make on a daily basis, listen to my spirit more closely, and communicate that with my own munchkins.  and you.


Searching for Spring

This has been a wild winter.  Since August we’ve lived in our home, a tent, a car, with friends, a rental house, a hotel, our old home, and soon a new place. I’m ready to settle in, plant a few bulbs, and begin anew.

However, we are still in our waiting stage, waiting for spring.  While waiting, a few bulbs I planted years ago at our old home are coming out to cheer me.  There are baby showers all around me, and just this morning, the temperature outside is 20 degrees warmer than this time last week.  Maybe it’s pushing the door open…