Pit of Despair

The Fly Lady calls them “hot spots”, I call them Pits of Despair. I’m addressing areas in your house where things multiply like bunnies, like the table right inside the front door, the edge of the kitchen counter, the dining room table… you know the spot I’m talking about. I’m taking on the one nearest the front door today. It’s a disaster, as I truly have not edited it since the oldest munchkin’s graduation party last month.

Most of my inspiration photos show a serene white space with lots of room for storage. (As in the lovely white entry space from the dream house above.) However, my entry space is a dark area surrounded by a room of white. I use two footed compote bowls to hold tissues, keys and sunglasses. These are the only two items that have to stay on the dresser top.  All the other items rotate by season.

I’ve topped the dresser with a mirror so the items  are lit from below by the weak and diffused light bouncing of the mirror top.  There is not much light from overhead to create a really lit area, but with it being just below the television, it’s good to have the light diffuse.  Below are my before and after shots.


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