Remembering Homes

In my version of an ideal world, an innovative architect would measure up a site before a home was built. The direction of the sun, the path of the rain, the view and the sound patterns would all be taken into consideration before the owner laid out their list of needs and desires.

I recently asked my mother where I lived first.  She recalled the street and style of the home, so we searched for it.  When it was finally discovered, it was no longer a house of the original design.  It’s saltbox frame had disappeared as the needs of the new inhabitants had shifted.

When we return to a place, we have often changed as much as the place has.  Old gardens shrink as we grow, our love of purple shifts to yellow and our steps are either more sure or tentative.

I’m exploring views of houses and their changes, real and imagined in a new series I’m creating right now. You can follow the process on my Instagram feed @rosemoors .