Courage, dear heart

For years I’ve taught students with little round watercolor palettes. They run smooth pale colors in wet streaks across highly absorbent  paper. I’ve told themRead More

Body of Work

I held my breath as we careened across four lanes of traffic high above the Willamette River. It was Thursday morning and I should haveRead More


On August 14, 2010, I lost my dream home.  We’d slowly flipped houses from the time we’d married. We would buy a house, fix itRead More

Pit of Despair

The Fly Lady calls them “hot spots”, I call them Pits of Despair. I’m addressing areas in your house where things multiply like bunnies, likeRead More

Climbing Roses

When we moved into this nondescript little grey house, the bushes hunkered down against the cold, the weeds spread their wings wide and water pooledRead More