There’s only one sport that I consider a really beautiful one.  The fans clap politely, are silent while the players concentrate, and you begin at LoveRead More

Beautiful Purse

Deer_bag_walking Here are the photos of the Cracker Jacks contest prize, fresh off the sewing machine.  Take a close look at the sparkling deer andRead More


Have you ever thought about where your pockets first originated?  When you look at drawings of ancient togas covering Greeks and Romans, they don’t haveRead More


Mirrored1 My girlfriend Amy has been bugging me to put up a new photo of myself.  She thinks I’m not smiling enough.  Here is a shotRead More

Dear Deer

  Adearhead I found my little deer drawing, on my favorite day, Thursday, naturally.  I will start working on her background this week. I’ve watched two moviesRead More

Just Beginning

  Colt_onesie I’m soooo excited to have these little creatures printed!  Watching the animals come alive and start charming my own little ones with theirRead More