Advent Day One

Advent Day One
Advent Day One

I was fussing to my sister that Christmas flies by so fast without half the things done that I wished I had done.  She filled me in on a little secret.  “My advent calendar is not little toys, but notes with activities on them so we don’t miss the things we love each year.” Oh. My. Goodness! This year I’ve made a fresh list to attempt to implement this lovely method. Last night I swung by the store to pick up a few things to prep for the 1st day.  I needed some Christmas candies as we’ve all come to love the chocolate in our calendar. I found a Merci with 20 chocolates on sale with a $2 off coupon at Fred Meyer. I love these chocolates because they have so many flavors in each package and I can personalize the choice for each person each day of advent.

I printed the cards and envelopes from yellowblissroad at 30% after using the Kingthingswillow font to write out our two projects for Sunday, December 1st. The first project was to pick a child and shop for them from our local elementary school tree.  Naturally, the munchkins found a child who loved Minecraft so they could have fun shopping! They found t-shirts at Hot Topic (with a buy one get one 50% off in the store) as well as a creeper wristband.

Satisfied, they moved on to the next item on the list. Ornaments. The youngest groaned and said, “I thought Christmas was supposed to be fun.” I thought quickly and replied, “What about Minecraft ornaments?” Within moments we found ornaments made from cubes with glitter and green creatures.  They instantly began choosing which patterns were their favorites. Score!  I dropped them off at youth group and headed off to JoAnn’s to find the necessary ornaments with a 60% off coupon loaded on my phone. Alas, JoAnn’s had no such objects. I did however find this wonderful book to use my coupon on for a gift for my mother.

So I searched the web and found that both Michael’s and Craft Warehouse supposedly are carrying the little cubes. I’ll have to move that craft project further into the week, once I can reach a store again. I’ll also be calling before I go, being as tomorrow is the Monday after black Friday and most of the checkers were saying they’d been cleared out of most sale stock.  I did find them online here, but the one review said that the glass ones were very fragile.  If we have to choose another block ornament, I’m pulling for the snow block Now to fill the door behind the number 2…

Creating for you…

Thank you for all the lovely comments on the blog around my birthday.  I’m working on presents for the following people right now. Michele, Jeremy, Patty, Barb, Sarah, Kathy, Rachel, Dixie, Joanne, Laurie, Lori, Barbara and Kristi…Some of you have posted here, some of you loaned me things for the big party I just hosted, and some of you have a birthday coming up. Blessings!





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Remember, Saturday is the drawing for the birthday presents for you! Leave a comment here to enter.

The scones below were amazing. We ate dinner really late Sunday night and I had some raspberries that had just started to go south.  The raspberries were a little spikey, so I used this cranberry recipe from Smittenkitchen and they turned out just right.

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Sweet 16

Happy Anniversary, Baby!  In honor of thinking of you, here are 16 elephants… On Etsy there is a cool elephant wallet made from recycled paper.

There is a fund raiser for the preservation of Asian Elephants going on in Amsterdam right now.  It’s called the Elephant Parade and it is a collection of true sized models of baby elephants decorated by artists. The one pictured here is by Isacc Mizrahi and is called Candy. You can buy replicas of the artist designed animals online at Elephant Parade or in shops set up at the display site.  The exhibition is traveling to multiple cities in Europe over the next two years.

One of my favorite authors, Rudyard Kipling, has his Just So Stories including The Elephant’s Child available as an audio file on Project Gutenburg.

Enchanted Learning has an elephant facts page and coloring sheet.

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Party Lights

Anna is one of the girls who I mentored when she was in high school. She’s getting married now and I went over the other night to help her with her bouquets.  They are charming! I know that’s not a term widely used for flowers, but hers are not the usual wedding flowers.  We started with piles of vintage buttons and wire to create one of a kind flowers to make her unique bouquets.


I think they are adorable, but we were lamenting the need for more large yellow vintage buttons. It looks like she’ll need about 30 “flowers” per bouquet.

One of my girlfriends shuttled my kids to the same places her kids were going and I went out to breakfast with DH before he had an interview.  Luckily, we had to drive through Portland, so we went to Mother’s. DH had a scramble and I had the salmon hash with pork apple sausage. (I had to substitute out the eggs, I’m really not crazy about eggs.) There are old hitching rings all along the streets in downtown Portland. This is one across the street from the restaurant.


Anna’s brother just graduated from highschool and their father picked up these very cool lights for the backyard.


I looked around and found some more outdoor party lighting at Gamasonic, Mr. Light, OOga (look under their commercial lights).  Since I still have one more party to host this summer, I keep looking at outdoor spaces.  I’ve finally found the right combination of plants for the patio. (This is completely dependent upon what the deer will and won’t eat, mind you.) They don’t like my sage, thyme, peppermint, lavendar, or siberian iris bulbs, so that’s what I get to grow there. I know it’s a bit limiting on the color scheme, but I’m so about low maintainance and not spending money on plants that just get eaten.


It may be a little early, but I’m starting to brainstorm about the prize for the birthday post this August…

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