King John

Put up a notice,











And thus, you shall have your reward if you’ve been searching for “James’s” mother.  I’m here, back from wandering quite of my own accord.  Though, to tell the truth, a horrible, mean-spirited hacker created a virus that has had my sweet little machine under the weather.  (Dear Husband says that virus writers don’t go to heaven.  Dh spent Thanksgiving weekend and many more hours doctoring said machine.)  So, if you are here, checking up on Rosemoor and I, you can have your reward!

Two ways to collect:

Click on my photo at the top left.  Then click on the “contact me” button.  Email me with the word “Reward” to have a surprise shipped to you!


Go to my etsy site www.rosemoor.etsy.com Scroll down to the five stars on the right hand side.  One of them will have the words “Request Custom Item”.  Click it and email me from there with the word “Reward” for a special treat!

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Counting down the ponies


Oh my goodness, I just have so much on my mind to share with you this week.  But first, a heads up on the pony shirts.  If you’ve been thinking about getting one of these for any little girl in your circle, do it now.  When I last looked, there were only two left. Two. I don’t know when I will be hand printing more, and if I do, they will be different shirts because I have to find a new supplier stateside.  I think that there are only one or two more onesies as well.  (One of my FAVORITE lime green ones.  Don’t know how that one missed getting on the market for so long.)

Next, if you wish for anything handmade (think custom) with artwork on it and wish for it to arrive before Christmas or other end-of-the-year holiday etc., now is the time to contact me.  I don’t like to think about those things before Halloween is over, however, I do have to schedule handmade delights.

Speaking of custom, a beautiful package arrived at Deer Haven this week.  It is a glicee by Paola, from “over the pond”. I love her black and white photography, so charming, with an old-world feeling.

It was lovely and cheered me up after a long week with an overambitious munchkin.  Munchkin decided that repairs must be made on the roof of munchkin’s second story tree house.  (He’s not allowed that high) so, of course, he lost his footing. Thus, we spent time in the hospital with said munchkin.  Much to all of our relief, he’s simply sore. (Sore?!)  Yes, sore.

All further roof repairs are halted until rock pile etc. have been removed.

Naturally, I’ve since felt the extreme need for chocolate, prayers, and more chocolate, to cope.  From Moonstruck Chocolate, we had the pyramid, milk on the outside, truffle on the inside, very soothing.  From my kitchen, a chocolate cupcake with melted Guittard chocolate chips for the icing.  My dh almost lost it though when I threw a package of Hostess donuts in the grocery cart though.  (I’m the one who reads the labels, no corn syrup, MSG, hydrogenated oils.)  But hey, it’s been a long week, and chocolate is chocolate.




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4th Eve

It’s the eve of “America’s” independence and I’m scrubbing the house for the Dutch invasion.  All of “rabbit’s friends and relations” were going to Pooh’s party and all of mine are coming to “Deer Haven”.  It will become a mini outpost for tea three times a day (I thought we’d thrown it all in the harbor…) and very very clean house.   This will allow me to sneak off and make some art in my studio while everyone else is sneaking around cleaning out my kitchen drawers.

I’ve been gathering photos for a Dutch themed book to make with www.mypublisher.com . One of my girlfriends made one and it turned out so nice and on heavy stock paper, so I thought I’d try my hand at it too.

There were three deer eating off of my apple trees tonight in the orchard.  My trees are big enough to handle it so I wasn’t too worried.  (We ended up throwing away three big bags of apples last year as I wasn’t able to keep up with all the peeling.)  Of course, they left before I had the chance to snap

their photos or you would have seen them here.

However, I did catch a few photos of a “baby” the other day.  I think he’s the one we call Plum because he likes our plums so much.  (His mother is Apple, I’m sure you can guess why.)

I hope you are enjoying your summer, your company, and your travel.

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I love sunrays.  It doesn’t have to be too warm for me, I just need the natural light.  It’s been grey and now it’s turning pink, orange, green, red… happy colors!  The first berries are coming in at the fields here.  Tasty!


It was a bit odd to take the photo on the left on April 19th and the photo on the right on April 20th.  Look at the light in each of them, so different.

I seem to be a magnet for accidents lately.  I was hit (again) just when it looked like I was over the last one.  It wasn’t as bad as kissing the semi though.  My back isn’t happy.  No lifting, no wet laundry (darn!), no standing on my feet for too long… guess it means that I will have time to work on my artwork a little more…

I’ve inked the first little house, it just needs paint, so you’ll see it soon.

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The photo in the last post was taken directly under the tower, and this one from the front.  I love the photography, taken by a friend of mine.  What strikes me about the two photos together is that things change with perspective.

Most artists try to show a fresh perspective on everyday thoughts with some of their work.  Sometimes it’s just playing with the way you see a color, like the “orange things” below, or simply exploring with a new type of creating, but most of the time, there is a message behind an artist’s work.

Perspectives change as you change as well.  Age, finances, death, birth, travel, friends, health, so many many things change our way of perceiving life and beyond it.

On another subject, I’ve been working on the little house some more.  I think it’s going to turn into multiple houses.  It’s turning out very cute.  Did someone say “what about the deer? the stuffed creature? the art quilt…”  Yes, they are all still in process.  I’ll try not to add any more until I finish some up and list them on www.rosemoor.etsy.com for you.

I love fonts, especially very “french romantic” looking fonts.  If you run across one and want to send it to me I would not be the least bit ungrateful.  I think I’m craving a new one.



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A Beautiful Life

My new niece decided to arrive here before I could reach her mother.

She’s beautiful, of course.  My sisters and I are all hovering over her while her daddy gets a few precious moments in between us.  He’s a newbie, but he’s learning quickly.  We on the other hand have many years of babying between us.  Quick hands hold quivering legs, waving arms and neatly tuck them into a swaddling wrap where they can not escape to cause distress.  Mouths are held just so to reach the nourishing milk.  Open eyes are cooed to until they slip silently and blissfully back into REM.

I’m working on another “baby” piece, a fawn, who will make her debut when she’s done…

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A new creature is stirring

I’m so excited!  Today I finished a new little creature.  It is a baby creature and is trying to blend in quite a bit with his background.  I am excited to see through his “window” but I can’t find my exacto blades at 12:30pm and I need to go to bed.  So, I have to wait just like you do, for tomorrow.  I’m always so curious to see “who” my little creatures really are, what their slice of paradise looks like.  So, while we are waiting for them to emerge, write to me about your favorite surprises.  I get surprises every day, most of them lovely.  After my accident I had calls, emails, a girlfriend who registered me for classes, and a care package. (Always lovely!) I also had a friend who hunted down a favorite recipie of mine from another friend and made up a huge pot of salmon chowder. Yum!  and so sweet.  What surprises do you love?




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I have a dream, but need a new animal


“Deer in the headlights, the poor thing,” was my first thought when I opened the package.  He was skinny, lonely, and in need of a sponsor.  He had come with his brother to the orphanage after an earthquake decimated his family and home.

By the time I received the second photo of him holding a package of Legos I’d sent, he looked like a healthier boy who’d regained his boyish delight.  It certainly increased mine to see him cheerful instead of scared.

Three years later he was named first in sports and was commended for being friendly with the other children in the home.  He is part of the wish I have.  The wish for my art, the wish for my children, the wish for your part in this dream.  Once I make some money selling my art (as opposed to just paying off the debt I’ve incurred!) a part of each sale will go to supporting another child like Ravinder in school and a home somewhere around the world.

What you can do for me now is to brainstorm about which animal I should feature in my next artwork.  When I receive enough posts or emails featuring one animal in particular, I’ll start my next piece.  Dream a little dream with me…

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First Thursday


In most cities with art galleries around the States, there is a concerted effort to promote new artists on Thursdays.  Most of the cities host a “First Thursday” event once a month where the galleries and restaurants open their doors to patrons during evening hours in mild weather.

This melds in my mind with my first memories of art classes as a child in a rural public school in Pennsylvania.  I came to savor Thursdays as the one day a week that I had unlimited access to art supplies.

Reinforcing this over the years, I’ve had enough special events happen on Thursdays that it has remained my favorite day of the week.  So, my little secret is that Thursday is going to be Rosemoor’s special day too, and the surprise is that I’m going to try to have something “pretty” for you here each Thursday.  (I will post sometime between Wednesday night at 11:59 pm and Friday morning 12:01 am.)

The picture above is the first “pretty” for you on a Thursday.  I hope it helps you shake off any winter blues.

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Goodbye my love


This blog is supposed to chase away the bad, comfort the sad, and cheer the faint of heart.  However, my sparking art is on hold for a stint.  I lost my Expedition to black ice and two semi’s this last Saturday.  The chiropractor will be working on me for a while and I will have to go shopping for a new car instead of art supplies.  That said, I am very thankful.  I had one of my little ones in the car with me and we are both alive and not even in the hospital.  (I will be buying the same car again, thank you, for as long as there are semi’s on the highways.)  I can’t type too long at this point, so, more when I’m improving.

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