Filing Away Ideas

Aug6Two years ago my dad wrote a sketch for a story and asked me if it was a project I’d like to work on.  I had many other projects at the time as well, so it sat on my computer, waiting it’s turn for attention.  I had a bit of time last summer and created my own first sketch, a drawing for the book. It was cute, but it didn’t really do what we wanted. So, it returned to the waiting stage.

Soon after I joined Pinterest, I saw a pin that struck my fancy, and then another.  The spark was kindled and I began a board for the project.  The board now has 362 pins (and 56 followers, though it’s simply for my own project.) Today I used one of those pins and moved it to a second board for the project. The Completed for Papa’s Book board. As I incorporate a concept that the pin inspires into the book, the pin is moved out to clear that idea from my mind.  The pin I drew inspiration from today is a little polka dotted dress.

Where do you put your ideas once you’ve finished with them?

On a jet plane…

By the time you all read this, I will be flying to see my sister’s new little munchkin in Florida.  I leave at 6 am. Those of

you who know me well can laugh now.  I won’t be coherent until I hit Denver at 10 am.  That said, I thought I’d leave you with a few white Christmas photos. Everything but the tree is up around here, my promise to myself kept.  I knew I’d not enjoy Christmas at all if I still had anything to do by the time I got back home on the 17th. However, if you by chance are not yet finished, there are lovely white things at The White Company that I do like this year… (especially the stripey red and white children’s stockings and buckets.)

The Dutch celebrate Saint Nickolas’ birthday on the 5th and 6th of December, separately from Christmas.  He’s been here, as evidenced by the tiny pepernoten cookies under the shoes.  The shoes were filled with chocolate, but that’s long gone.  Below is the sheet music idea I wanted to share with you.  I have a lovely star that I got

at Willow’s Nest, made by Wendy Addison.  It’s sitting in our bookcase in the living room where I’ve used piano

sheet music to “wallpaper” the inside of the bookcase.  The paper has made it so bright and cheery that it will be a while before it comes down.

The last photo is what you get when you ask the munchkins to find something white to go under the wineglass domes.


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What do you use to keep yourself growing?  A friend of my husband sees a life coach to keep him on track.  He wishes to clearly see his goals and the reasons for them. I’m not yet ready to commit to having someone hound me, but I’ve found one little tool that I’ve been using lately on the simplemom blog.  I love the way she has you prioritize your top three goals for the day. I may not get the top three achieved on the day that I write them down, but I have been going back to them and making certain that they are accomplished within the week.

One of the munchkins was reading through my blog the other day and called my attention to unrealized projects.  Munchkin made a list of them and smugly suggested that I finish everything I’d written about before starting any new projects. It was then proudly posted in my studio, where it could haunt me.

Of special interest to the little people in my house was the continuation of the story illustrations for Sunshine and Golden.  I’m seeing an ulterior motive (later bedtimes due to new stories). Do you have growing little helpers in your house too?

The template I made for you still has not shown up on Publisher’s website, but I’m in communication with Microsoft’s support staff to find out how to make it work. I’ll keep you in the loop.

A friend of mine from art school, John Parish started a blog recently.  He posted some sketches he’s using as a basis for his oil paintings.  He’s a teacher, and hopes to complete some of them during the summer break.  I’m looking forward to “summer vacation” for the same reason.

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BB Winner

Birthday season will continue around Deer Haven until the end of June, but the “Best Birthday Contest” has a winner!  Two of Rosemoor’s Readers will get a Deer Haven pillowcase!

Patty enchanted me with the thought of flying to Paris or even staying home and enjoying a good book, chocolate, and berries.

Sara shared a trip she’d already had with her dh on a past dream birthday.  It reminded me of one I’d been spoiled with.  My dh flew me up to the Space Needle Restaurant in Seattle for one evening.  We were back home before the babysitter had to go to bed.

I have two fun sites for you to visit!  One is the Furniture Fair in Milan that is taking place this week. I ran across it while trying to decide what to do with a space in my basement.  I recalled loving looking through the Fair last year and really finding some unique things.  Here’s one that I

liked from this year. It’s produced by Magis, designed by Javier Mariscal.  I have to say that I am always enchanted by good furniture that is made for children.  I like things that are miniature and magically playful, so this fits the bill for me.

The second site I have for you is the (Semi) Affordable Art Fair in NYC.  (I’m not vouching for all of the “art” represented, but there are certain pieces I do like.)  I don’t live close enough, but some of the artists are represented by UGallery online.  You can choose the “Under $100” catagory if you are needing just a little something and are not in NYC this week. 

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Real Christmas

The littlest munchkin watched delightedly out the window while dressing this morning.  The white flakes drifted down to coat the already glistening ground.  “It’s a real Christmas, isn’t it mama?”  Where did the idea come from that it has to snow to be Christmas?  Probably from the Bing Crosby cd humming through the house…

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